Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My First Liebster Award...

Hi everyone,

I just received an award from Divya of Dishing with divya blogspot. Thank you


soo much Divya,iam feeling so honoured to receive your nominaton...


  1. I have to answer 11 questions and pass on this award to other deserving blogger who have less than 200 followers
  2. write random facts about me.
  3. fabricate 11 question
  4. Tell the person who nominated me along with the people whom i have nominated.

Facts about me;

  1. Iam happily married, with two lovely kids.
  2. cooking is my passion.
  3. Very foodie.
  4. Love to decorate my house
  5. love to watch romantic movies.
  6. very emotional.
  7. very possessive about my family.
  8. Love pakistani cuisine
  9. Love traditional dresses
  10. love to do make up
  11. I dont step out with out make up

Divya's question;- Here we go....

  1. Why did you choose' your blog name' for your blog?

My mom is a superb cook no one can beat her taste,as im itself mother of two children ,i want to dedicate something spl to my mom.. thats y i choose this name 'AMMI RASOI 'ammi means mother in urdu and rasoi is ofcourse kitchen so this is my mother's kitchen...

2. What made you blog and why?

I blog because i love being part of a community. i love to contribute ,
cooking is my passion if people try my recipes it awesome ..

3. what makes your blog special from others?

I dont know what makes my blog stand out but one thing is for sure its foodie with my overly crazy imagination lol..

4. What was difficult recipe till now?

 I think the difficult recipie for me  is Biryani  because it needs more time for preparation and the correct measurements...

5. What was one creative recipe from your blog?

There are many creative recipe ,as to choose any one  i would say 'ARABIAN DELIGHT'   because its a kheer with simple rice and sago combination...

6. Do you have any dedicated recipe to someone on your blog post?


7. Do you have any viewer suggested recipe in your blog?


8.. how did you feel about your  first comment for the first recipe

Felt really very happy and comments are always encouraging..

9. Advice to fellow bloggers.

Be creative in what ever you do..

10.your best food citric from family.

My kidoos.

11. Are you going to pass the liebsters award.

I will try passing.. inshallah..

Questions for my Bloggers;

  1. what you like to cook.
  2. what is your favorite food.
  3. why did you start blogging.
  4. what are the best five words that describe you.
  5. Do you have some other food blogs that  you recommend.
  6. How do you click your photographs.
  7. What is your weakness.
  8. Your favorite weekend outing.
  9. What was your first comment on the other blogs.
  10. What do you love about blogging.
  11. You are extrovert or introvert.

And the Nominations are;-

  1. vidya chandrahas Akshaypatrerecipes
  2.  priya raj  of ensamiyal
  3. vandana dilip   of fine-flavours
  4. Harini srinivas of hariniscorner
  5. Nagashree of sattvaa.blogspot.ae/
  6.  sasikala of sasi-samayal-kurippu.blogspot.ae/
  7.  shilpi malhotra  of /vaishnavacooking.blogspot.ae/
  8.  renu of renus-kitchen.blogspot.ae/
  9. Tamilarasi of tamilsasikitchen.blogspot.ae/
  10. Tanu of myniche-myspace.blogspot.ae/
  11. meena kumar of elephantsandthecoconuttrees.blogspot.ae
please accept my Award.... and leave your lovely comments,,




  1. thanks Naaz for the award. happy to follow you :)

    1. Looking forward for your answers...

  2. congrats and good to know about you...

  3. congrats naaz-----thank you for accepting :)

    1. Thanks divya for giving me this opportunity....

  4. glad to know about u... :)

  5. Hi Naaz,

    Thanks for sharing the award with me...Happy following you :)

  6. Hey Naaz, thanks so much for sending the award my way. I will definitely take a shot at doing the questionnaire and also passing it onto other bloggers.

  7. I just posted my Liebster post, thought you might be interested in looking up. Happy to follow you and thanks again.

  8. Thanks again Naaz for the Liebster award!
    Check out http://sasi-samayal-kurippu.blogspot.com/2013/03/my-first-liebster-award.html.

    Sasikala Balaraman


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