Sunday, December 9, 2012

Creamy pineapples with cookies

This is very simple dish it requires only few ingredients no baking and no cooking is required.. as i was browsing the net for some thing sweet and innovative i came across this beautiful recipie  couldnt wait to share with you all.... now lets check the ingredients you need to make


  • pineapples.....1 tin
  • sugar............1 tablespoon
  • Biscuits.......1 half roll pack
  • cream.........1 pack
  • Nestle Condensed tin ......half tin


  • mint leaves
  • few diced pineapples
  • wafer sticks


  1. i used tin pineapples you can you fresh pineapples also.
  2. open the tin and take out the pineapples from the syrup,put the pineapples in the serving bowl or dish
  3. now take (1pack) cream, in another bowl add 1 tablespoon of sugar and beat it well with the beater for 2 minutes after that add half tin of condensed milk and mix it well and pour this cream on the pineapples and put the bowl in the freezer
  4. .now take the pack of biscuits(you can use any biscuits, here i used marie biscuit)  and crushed them well,sprinkle this crushed biscuits on the cream,
  5. garnish it with pineapples,wafer sticks and with mint leaves....and enjoy

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