Monday, December 10, 2012

Dates and carrot barfi

barfi are usually kids farourite and my kids love eating sweets... so here is another sweet dish with a twist hope you will enjoy cooking this......


  1.  carrot-1 big
  2. eggs-5
  3.  milkmaid-1/4 cup.
  4. milk-1/4cup
  5. dates-6
  6. cashew nuts-1/4cup


  1. In a microwave-proof dish put the carrot pcs. and  pour boiling water;cover and microwave for 3 mnts.(or u can cook the carrot on the stove)
  2. In a mixie jar blend all the ingredients (eggs, milk maid , milk, dates, cashew nuts) together along wth the cooked carrot pcs.
  3. pour this in a greased nonstick pan and  cook covered on a low flame .
  4. So here s the recipe......enjoy cooking!!!!!:)

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