Tuesday, September 11, 2012



  • egg 4
  •  milk 500ml
  • ghee 2tsp
  • saffron or food color a pinch
  • green cardamon 3
  • cinanamon 1"
  • raisins 10gms
  • almond and pista 25gms
  • sugar 150 gms


  • beat milk with cardamom n cinnamon until it becomes thick(reduce to half)
  • add the beaten egg to the, stirring constantly until it forms fine granules
  • add ghee, sugar, raisines, saffron color. cook until all the water evaporates
  • remove from fire and decorate with almond and pista
  • serve with paratha,puri or chappathi


  • if there is one thing you dont forget is to keep stirring
  • you can also replace boiling part and use evaporated milk from the store

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